Innovaum rises from the ashes of an office fire

photo of Innovaum office burnt down from an office fire

Innovaum Rises from the ashes of an office fire

July 3, 2018 Innovaum’s original office located in Flour Bluff, Texas was devastated in a fire. The cause is unknown on how the fire occurred, but it is predicted that it was an electrical fire. Luckily no one was hurt. However, much of the groundwork laid in the first year and a half of the company was destroyed in the flames. This included computers, printers, tables, desks, corporate documents, and many other valuable items needed to grow a small startup company.

phtoto of our Markforged Mark 2 printer burnt down

Markforged Mark 2 printer burnt down after the fire













Unfortunately, the most valuable printer operated by Innovaum, the Markforged Mark 2 3D printer, was lost in the disaster and was not covered by insurance. The Mark 2’s ability to print with high strength materials and it’s unparalleled reliability made it the main workhorse for Innovaum production. This loss left Innovaum unable to fulfill many prototypes for their customers and there was no room left in the budget to have it replaced.

MLC CAD Systems and Markforged to the rescue

Originally, Innovaum purchased their Markforged Mark 2 3D printer from MLC CAD Systems only 7 months before the terrible fire. Innovaum decided to purchase the Mark 2 from MLC CAD Systems due to the amazing customer support that they not only offered but also delivered on. They provided amazing “in person” comprehensive training on the operation and maintenance of the Mark 2. MLC CAD system also went above and beyond in providing rapid responses to both service inquiries and material purchases.

Photo of our new amazing Mark 2 Printer provided by MLC CAD Systems!

Our new amazing Mark 2 Printer provided by MLC CAD Systems!

Yet, MLC CAD Systems didn’t stop at just superb customer service. When they heard of the plight of one of their customers they came up with an “outside the box” solution and offered to help. MLC CAD Systems offered to completely overhaul and refurbish one of their Mark 2 demo machines and provide it to Innovaum for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. This unbelievable act of kindness from MLC CAD Systems put the Mark 2 machine within the Innovaum budget. Therefore the new price of the Mark 2 allowed them to continue producing for their customers. The ability to continue operating during the rebuilding phase after this unfortunate event has gone a long way to help Innovaum to continue to produce the ideas and dreams of their clientele.

The manufacturer of the machine, Markforged, also came to the aid of Innovaum. They offered to 3D print some of Innovaum’s projects at no cost while they were without a Mark 2. Markforged was also gracious enough to support the refurbishment of the Mark 2 supplied by MLC CAD Systems. Our new Mark 2 will also have the same service and maintenance plan as the original machine.

A million Thanks!

Innovaum now resides in our new office located in the Wilson Plaza building in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas. We are grateful to have survived the office fire and found a new office.

We have high praise for these companies that helped us get back up and running and we greatly appreciate all of their efforts to help Innovaum rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Innovaum is looking forward to all of the future projects and possibilities our new Mark 2 will bring. If you are in the market for a durable and high quality 3D printer we recommend you purchase from MLC CAD Systems.

THANK YOU!, MLC CAD Systems and Markforged.

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