Rapid Prototyping and Business Resources

At Innovaum, we aim to push the current boundaries of prototype engineering, manufacturing and marketing into the future. We love to create, innovate and help ideas come to life. Innovaum employees enjoy helping others benefit from developing new ideas and designs. We believe that Innovaum’s rapid prototyping and business resources allow both individual and commercial customers to bring their ideas, designs and dreams to life.

A majority of ideas never see the light of day, this is largely due to the ambiguity and pain of the product development process. We want to be the company that decreases the loss of innovative ideas. Innovaum strives to knock down any barriers and fears for inventors creating a product. The Innovaum team will do everything in our power to make the entire product development process easy, accessible, and affordable.

Our Team


Alan Morgan is originally from Louisiana. Alan has 17 years of engineering and design experience. As a former aerospace engineer, he served as the Engineer Site Supervisor for a US Army contract company. After many years working for other people, he decided to take the leap into creating his own company helping others to do the same.  He works hard to make people’s dreams become a reality, for Innovaum’s clients, as well as his employees.