We Design It


3D design can be difficult. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience under our belts! Innovaum’s engineering staff is here to help you finalize your prototype before production, whether you need to design a prototype from scratch or just need to fine-tune the logistics of your current design.

We Produce It


Innovaum’s rapid 3D printers allow us to produce uniquely designed prototypes in a fraction of the time traditional manufacturing requires, and at a fraction of the price! All we need from you is the file. You can send us a file you created on your own, worked on with our engineer, or found online like at www.thingiverse.com.

Multiple Prototypes


Want more than one prototype? No problem! Innovaum can produce your product in bulk through the use of 3D printing as well as small-scale injection molding. For extremely large orders, however, we recommend a 3D Printer Rental for faster turnaround.

3D Printing
Machine use
Material use


Engineering Services
Hourly Service
10 Hour Block


Machine Rental
1 Machine + material costs
Per Week
Per Month
Per Year
Do you have a project you need us to print? Just send us the file below and we’ll be in touch. In case you don’t have a file but a sketch, please download the customer form and send it back to us at services@innovaum.com
Standard printing rates apply.

We accept the following files types: STL, DXF, DWG, SLDDRW, SLDPRT, SLDASM

  • Accepted file types: zip, stl, dxf, dwg, slddrw, sldprt, sldasm.