Legal support

Legal support will come from your local corporate attorney and patent attorney. We can provide you with these contacts and how to get started in the process of starting up your business, as well as protecting your intellectual property.

Corporate attorney

A corporate attorney or lawyer is someone who specializes in law that pertains to corporations. This lawyer will assist and back all of the rights and obligations for those involved with forming your corporation. When the time is right, Innovaum can guide you to the right corporate lawyer for your company. This lawyer will help to regulate the rules and laws for your business. More info here.

Patent attorney

A patent attorney is an attorney who has the skills and qualifications to represent and protect the intellectual property for your product. Your patent attorney will protect your product from being stolen or copied. Remember that each country has different requirements or qualifications in order to obtain and maintain a patent. In some countries, patents are not very useful at all, so we will help you be wary of where you spend your time and money on a patent. Innovaum can guide you to the right patent attorney if this is the route you would like to take.