Product Development

Product development is the journey of transforming an idea into a tangible product. Innovaum’s product development services provide you with a clear road map of this journey. Our end goal is to design and build a product that is feasible and stable for you.


Brainstorming is defined as “a conference technique of solving specific problems, collecting information, stimulating creative thinking and developing new ideas.” We will sit with you and put all aspects of a product idea out on the table, as well as create rough draft sketches of your potential product. Then finally we will methodically shape the idea into a product that can be drawn to life.

Research and Development

Our expert design team will use their engineering knowledge and expertise in order to shape the best product for you. All technical aspects such as weight, dimensions, materials, functionality, and aesthetic features will be researched and honed in this research stage.

2D Patent Drawings

If a patent is part of your plan, or even if it is not, 2D drawings are good to have on hand. These are flat blueprint descriptive drawings you may have seen before. These drawings are easily printable and what you will send in to a patent organization.

3D CAD Files

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, this is the software that engineers, designers and architects use to design a detailed drawing or technical illustration. This is the file that will be used for the solid 3D print of your product because of its 3 dimensional layout.

Product Prototype

This stage is where our engineering staff will 3D print your functional prototype. This is a rewarding phase, because you can hold your product and begin to see your dream come to life. We will test the prototype for any other technicality issues and anything that may need to be changed before going into mass production. This 3D print is what we will use to market for any funding you may need.

Injection molding

By definition injection molding is “the shaping of rubber, plastic or metal articles by injecting heated material into a mold.” This is one way to mass produce your product, depending on the material used. The molds are typically made from aluminum, ceramic or steel molds that are shaped like your product. The molten material is squeezed under high pressure in the mold until the product shape is formed. After you have your mold, it is usually inexpensive and easy to make multiple copies of your product.

Product Packaging

The design of your product packaging is almost as important as the design of the product itself. Unfortunately, most inventors and innovators look at packaging as an afterthought or “just a box”. This could not be further from the truth. Product packaging provides end consumers with the initial first impression of your product. Many consumers will decide which products to purchase strictly by how appealing they find the packaging. The product packaging also should protect the product until it is opened by the customer. Using generic packaging could result in damaged products and a loss of confidence in your product by consumers.

Procurement and Logistics

Our team can help with the time consuming process of determining the best place to source everything that will turn your idea into a salable product. We can source everything from your parts and common hardware to your packaging, info inserts and instructions. We also provide an innovative cost sharing approach to all of our logistic services. Once your idea becomes a finished product, our team can assist with sourcing, receiving, assembly, packaging, labeling, warehousing, and shipping.